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Good Luck Elephants

  • Good Luck Elephants


    The idea that elephants bring good luck is firmly embedded in history.  Elephants are a symbol of strength, power, stability and wisdom and are popular world wide in the form of jewellery, charms, ornaments, statues and elephant sculptures.


    Elephant carvings or ornaments should always face the door to encourage good luck and good fortune to flow through out  a home or office.  Business owners in Asia often have a couple of good luck elephants by the entrance of their building to offer stability and wisdom to their company.  Similarly, two elephants in the entrance of a private home will bring knowledge and success to the family within.

    Amongst the range of sterling silver animals at Silver Basket there are some very fine silver elephant ornaments to choose from.Large elephant  They range in size from miniature, standing a mere 5cm in height to rather large, achieving 34.5cm in height.Silver-elephant-miniature-ornament-8122  There is a silver elephant for every one, no matter how big or small the house, or how big or small the funds!

    Two silver elephant ornaments placed together in the hallway, despite looking fabulous, may  increase the good fortune of your home. Click here to view our collection.


    Whether the trunk should be up or down in order to attract power, stability and fortune is a debatable point – rather like the decision whether to hang a horse shoe up or down.

    silver elephant ornament  Some say that the trunk should be up, to shower all around with good luck.  Others say the trunk ought to be down to ensure that good fortune flows freely on everyone’s path.

    trunk down silver elephant - silver basket

    Perhaps it is wise to choose one of each – a trumpeting silver elephant or a trunk down silver elephant ornament.  That way you can’t lose!

    Enjoy our range of silver elephant ornaments.  They make fabulous wedding and housewarming gifts – a wonderful gesture towards good luck and fortune.

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