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Silver Bulls

  • Silver Bulls

    Silver Bulls


    At the Silver Basket we have three Silver Bulls for you -  our largest stands at a chunky 30 cm in height. He has a wonderful sheen and is polished to perfection. This bull has a rectangular sterling silver base and makes a stunning agricultural trophy for a country show, awarding Best in Show or Best Breed.

    Large Silver Bull Large Silver Bull

    Not being from a farming background it is hard for me to acertain, with confidence, which breeds our fine bulls portray. Our smallest bull, standing 8.5cm in height is our most ‘wild’ and most popular. He is often bought to celebrate an important birthday for men and is frequently chosen to celebrate a Taurean’s birthday. This chap is full of character and testosterone.

    Small Silver Bull Small Silver Bull

    Our two other bulls are a little more sedate. The largest and toughest in appearance 30.5cm in height and our middle sized chap looks quite quiet and peaceful, he is 10cm in height.

    Medium Silver Bull Medium Silver Bull

    Whilst not knowing an awful lot about bulls I do enjoy following farmers and breeders on instagram. Thomasparry19

    Thomas Parry Thomas Parry

    has the most stunning bull photographs – this being my favourite. Thisbiodynamicfarminglife also has some fantastic images and information; their bull is called Elvis!

    I have been doing my research and come across a list of ten native British bulls – I didn’t know there were so many.

    The Longhorn originates from Craven in the North of England and is easily recognized by its long, curved, rather menacing looking horns. There is, infact a Longhorn cattle society which tells you everything you need to know about this breed down to how much pink there should be on the horns and the exact silkiness of the coat. Fascinating reading.

    I am wondering if my middle sized bull is a White Park – suggestions welcome! They are described as  a long bodied, medium large bovine. The horns can vary in shape but generally grow forwards. The White Parks are attractive beasts being porcelain white all over with black points around the nose, eyes, ears and horn tips.

    I am guessing that my largest bull is a Hereford Bull but apparently it is difficult sometimes to tell a Hereford from an Angus say or a Brahman. Herefords are always a combination of red and white, usually being white from the face to the belly. The shade of red doesn’t matter and varies from beast to beast. Herefords are typically a little smaller than other breeds.

    Unfortunately the only breeds that I really recognize are Friesians, Jerseys, shorthorns and of course the Highland breed. Who does not recognize this breed?!

    Highland Cattle Highland Cattle

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