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Silver Panther Animal

  • Why choose a silver panther animal?






    Our resident  silver panther animal is a very popular and sort after cat.  He is a magnificent  53cm in length and not for the faint hearted! silver panther animal - silver basket Being made from highly polished, hallmarked sterling silver he makes a dramatic centre-piece and talking point for any home or office.  He seems to represent power, success and independence whilst remaining sleek and simple in appearance.


    But what actually is a black panther?  Firstly it is not a species in its own right – it is an umbrella term that refers to any big cat with a black coat.  The black colouring comes from a surplus of melanin and an animal with this condition is known as ‘melanistic’.

    silver panther animal - silver basket

    This pigmentation is most common in leopards and when faced with a panther (not too close!), it is often possible to spot the tell tale leopard spots underneath the dark coat.  From a distance however, they just look like a solid black animal and impressive at that!  Interestingly, lions and tigers cannot obtain dark coats and become panthers.


    To the spiritual souls the black panther represents courage, valor and power.  The panther is the symbol of the mother, the dark  moon and power of the night.silver panther  The panther totem animal encourages us to understand the power within the shadows and to eliminate our fear of the dark and unknown.


    Whether this silver panther animal is chosen for the work place or for a more personal setting you can be sure he will make himself at home.

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