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special Properties of Silver

  • Properties of Silver


    We imagine that the monetary value and popularity of silver very much centres around its high luster when polished, its almost magical, lunar qualities and its early use as coinage, but there is more to silver’s heritage than meets the eye.  The properties of silver are quite interesting.

    sterling silver swan


    Silver has been tied into our survival and health from very early times.  In the era of Alexander the Great silver was used to keep liquids pure and to prevent the spoilage of stored liquids and from as early as the times of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, silver was renowned for its healing and anti-disease properties.  Silver ions have the capacity to break down bacterial cell walls even at extremely low concentrations. Whilst battling bravely against the bubonic plague wealthy people, consciously or by instinct ate with silverware and silver dishes to protect themselves from disease.


    During Word War One, before the arrival of antibiotics, silver was used to help control disease amongst soldiers on the battlefield.  Silver still plays an important role in present day medicine.  It is added to bandages and wound dressings and catheters and is part of the technology behind Xrays.  Breathing tubes are now coated with silver to reduce ventilator associated pneumonia.

    However, please note: people who drink silver solution or who take silver in remedy form in an attempt to keep infections at bay may turn an interesting shade of blue-grey if too much silver is taken.  This condition is known as Argyria.


    At present, the medical qualities of silver seem to be under much debate.  As always there are two camps batting an argument for  and against but perhaps history knows best… we have worked closely with silver for many centuries.


    This on-going connection between silver and our health as humans has, of course, become embellished with traditions and customs as the years have passed.  Silver cutlery has been an important Christening or Baptism gift for a baby since 15th century.  To be ‘born with a silver spoon in your mouth’ was the utmost luxury for, as tradition would have it, the silver spoon would ensure good health.

    Silver Apostle Spoons Silver Apostle Spoons




    Babies, through out the ages have cut their teeth on silver rattles and teething rings.  The anti-bacterial quality of the metal will, of course, aid healthy gums throughout the painful process.

    Peter Rabbit silver teething ring by Silver Basket Peter Rabbit silver teething ring by Silver Basket


    Man and silver make a wonderful match – we mould it, sculpt it ,engrave it and covert it; silver in return plays an important but subtle role in our health and well-being.


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