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West Highland Terrier

  • West Highland Terrier


    So, a Westie won Crufts this year! We are cheering for little Devon who is so perfect but oh so white!

    Our West Highland terrier is not quite so impressed.Scout-Westie  She refuses to watch the show and is hiding her ginger beard. Ginger beard? She likes nothing better than to grub around on the moors, pushing her face into tight rabbit holes.  But more than anything she tells me that she just doesn’t have time to train for such a show.  She is too busy watching the birds in the heather.

    West Highland terriers make fabulous little pets.  I wonder about using the term ‘little’ for they appear small but are, in actual fact, quite broad and stocky with a large, independent streak.  They are certainly large dogs in small bodies and make excellent watch dogs.

    These plucky white dogs were bred from sandy coloured Scottish terriers.  Edward Donald Malcolm, 16th Laird of Poltalloch  began positively breeding white terriers in early 1900 after his reddish-brown terrier was mistaken for a fox and shot.  The first breed club of West Highland White Terriers was set up in 1904.

    Once a Westie lover, always a Westie lover! We find ourselves saying hello to every West Highland terrier we meet.

    West Highland terrier

    This photograph taken by Rick Stein totally reveals the true personality of a West Highland terrier.

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