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Famous Jack Russells

Jack Russells are very bright, lively and appealing little dogs.  They are full of energy and never seem to tire so it is not suprising that quite a few Jack Russells have made it to super star status.

Perhaps the most instantly recognizable Jack Russell is this one.

HMV famous Jack Russell

A dog called Nipper was the inspiration behind this painting by Francis Barraud.  The painting was originally titled Dog looking at and listening to a phonograph and was later changes to His master’s voice.  We know it better as the logo for HMV.


The next famous Jack Russell that springs to mind is Eddie in the sitcom Frasier.  He was indeed a major star in that long running series and was played by a dog called Moose and his son Enzo.  He actually got far more fan mail than any of the other actors!



A plucky Jack Russell named Bothy was the first dog to put his paws on both the North and South pole.  His owners were Ranulph and Ginny Fienne.



One of our favourite Jack Russell stars is Uggie, the cute and very talented chap who stared in the 2011 film The Artist The-Artist-Jack-Russellbut equally amusing was Rick Stein’s Chalky who had quite an independent spirit to say the least.  He took on cameramen and postmen alike (literally), hunted down rats and yet was adored by all children.


But here at the Silver Basket we adore our little Jack Russell.  He is a very determined cheeky chap and we believe he gets up to all sorts of mischief when our backs are turned!