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Silver Basket

  • A Silver Labrador for the perfect Christmas gift


    The silver Labrador is here to stay at the Silver Basket, making the perfect Christmas gift!  He comes in all sizes, sometimes sitting, sometimes standing on the alert.  Whichever size you choose he makes the perfect Christmas gift for all dog lovers.silver Labrador dog Each Labrador dog is made in England from the finest Sterling Silver and each one is hallmarked.  The largest, most gorgeous silver Labrador ornament stands 20cm in height.  He is waiting in eager anticipation for a walk!  The detail on this Labrador ornament is quite lovely; great attention has been paid to the expression in his eyes and to the texture of his coat.






    I have a sitting silver Labrador waiting to join your home.  He is available in three sizes; 21cm in height, 10.8cm and finally a smaller size at 6.3cm in height.  This particular range of silver Labrador has more of a high lustre in appearance. silver Labrador ornament 64 He sits on a sterling silver base and makes a fabulous addition to a bookshelf, window sill or mantle piece.









    Finally, but certainly not least I have a new miniature silver Labrador ornament measuring approximately 4.5cm in height.silver-Labrador-miniature-for-child  He is part of a delightful collection of silver animal figurines from the English Countryside; spaniels, pheasants, horses, owls and pigs to name but a few.  Each little silver animal is a character in his own right and make a fun, yet valuable silver collection for a child.

    The larger size silver Labradors are all made to order so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  Please contact me if you have further queries.

  • Peter Rabbit Christening Gifts

    Peter Rabbit Christening Gifts are ever popular silver presents - treasured for a lifetime

    Peter Rabbit is a well loved character, treasured by adults and children alike.  Although, as a child, I devoured all of the Beatrix Potter books, Peter Rabbit has remained a firm favourite – a naughty, wilful, but equally loveable character.  My sister, brother and I could recite the book by heart and I do not think we would be unique in this matter.

    I could not allow my shop to be complete without Peter Rabbit.  I have two items to offer you; a Peter Rabbit teething ring and a Peter Rabbit rattle.  They both have a vintage appeal for those who veer toward a traditional christening or baptism silver gift.

    Peter Rabbit Silver Teething Ring only £65 Peter Rabbit silver teething ring by Silver Basket

    The Peter Rabbit teething ring has a more modern acrylic ring for safety reasons and the silver Peter Rabbit rattle has a small ring attached allowing it to be fastened to a pram or decorated with a coloured ribbon of your choice.


    Peter Rabbit Christening Gifts Silver rattle Peter Rabbit traditional rattle in Silver by Silver Basket














    Both are delightful gifts.  The Peter Rabbit teething ring is available in both hallmarked sterling silver and in silver plate and will be forwarded to you in a dark blue, satin lined presentation case. He measures 6cm in length (excluding ring) and the ring measures 5cm in diameter.  The rattle is 13.4cm in length.

    Both the rattle and teether meet EU safety standards.

    For an older child’s Christening or indeed, Confirmation, there is a very appealing Peter Rabbit bookmark, available in silver plate and sterling silver.

    Peter Rabbit Silver Bookmark by Silver Basket Peter Rabbit Silver Bookmark by Silver Basket

    He will be loved and treasured for ever for the fondness for Peter Rabbit never seems to wane.  On the subject of rabbits you may like to take a quick look at the bunny bookmark.

    Bunny Bookmark by Silver Basket Bunny Bookmark by Silver Basket

    He is not a Peter Rabbit but is just as gorgeous. With articulated parts he seems to bob around on the top of a book looking very much alive.








    These two little rabbits hold the same appeal as the Flopsy Bunnies.

    silver animal miniature ornament Silver animal miniatures by Silver Basket

    They are part of a collection of miniature silver animals, ranging from mice, owls and hedgehogs through to Labradors,ponies and elephants.

    There are 17 to collect in all and make a wonderful present from Godparent to child on each Birthday. A silver collection like this increases with value as the years go by - making a wonderful start to a child's life.

  • Care of silver household items

    Care of silver household items can be easy with an expert tip 

    Dusting - First, use a soft-bristled brush or clean cotton cloth to dust the piece. While this may seem unnecessary, it's important since dust can easily turn into an abrasive and scratch the finish if not removed before applying cleaning solutions.

    Removing Candle Wax - Candle wax can be removed from a silver holder by simply running hot water over the area containing the wax. The softened wax should be easy to pry out with a finger. Never risk scratching the piece by using a knife or other sharp object. Continue reading

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