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We took an early morning hillside walk this morning with the Westie before work.  The world was cocooned in mist and sticks and dead bracken crackled under our feet.  All was quiet and still until we happened upon a bouquet of pheasants gossiping behind a wall.  They squawked with such bustle and great indignation at being over heard and ran off like clockwork toys, all of a fluster.  They were quite comical – males and females together – putting the world to rights in the shelter of a drystone wall.


There is something altogether quite human about the indignant glint in the eye of a pheasant.  They can certainly give you quite a hard stare!

Our Sterling Silver Pheasant couple remind me of a long enduring married pair, slightly over critical of each other but certainly loyal and fearlessly protective of their mate.

Sterling silver pheasent figures, made in the UK

This couple stand 11.5cm in height and make a fabulous wedding or silver wedding gift. Our lone, cock pheasant is also a striking bird, full of character.

Take care when driving the country roads for our pheasant friends seem to have no road sense whatsoever!