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Silver Pheasant Table Decoration

Silver Pheasant Table Decoration as the perfect gift

Our handcrafted silver animals make   fabulous and original table decorations to make your wedding the country wedding of the year! It certainly is a good idea to have a wedding centerpiece that will have sentimental appeal – a daily reminder of the special day.  These silver animals and birds sit well in any enviroment, transferring easily from centre stage at the wedding to occasional table or dining table in the marital home.  The pheasants and grouse are particular favourites, coming in a variety of sizes.

Silver Pheasant Table Decoration Cock and Hen Silver Pheasant Table Decorations
Silver Partridge Table Decoration Cock and Hen Sterling Silver Partridge Table Decoration

These two are just perfect for a wedding centerpiece – they look like they have been married twenty years already! These pheasants stand an impressive 42cm in height. They look splendid surrounded by winter greenery.  The partridges have a more ‘cosy’ appearance – certainly a cuddly couple and the perfect gift for a 25th wedding anniversary.

The stags are also particularly stunning.  Our largest comes in at 38cm in height and 51cm in length and our magnificent bulls have been purchased by prominent cattle breeding families to celebrate weddings and silver wedding anniversaries alike.

Each animal looks sumptuous and luxurious surrounded by accompanying floral decorations; their high sheen adds more than a touch of glamour to a beautiful country wedding.

The smaller stags make a more original gift from groom to best man; they range in size from 38cm down to 20cm, 15cm and the miniature stag at 6cm.


Silver Stag Table Decoration Our magnificent sterling silver stag table decoration

All our animals are handcrafted from English sterling silver and all are hallmarked.