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The Mart







Here he is!  Our new hero at Silver Basket, Colin Slessor.

Colin-Slessor-The Mart Colin Slessor

We are really enjoying watching the ‘behind the scenes’ at Thainstone Acution Mart.  All staff are highly skilled, not just the auctioneer with an eye for a wink and a nod but the men and women who herd and mark the frisky beasts.

“The cattle can be a wee bit wild at times so they have to be very careful but our guys are very experienced at handling them. A lot of them work part-time but they do long hours, stick in and don’t moan about the job which doesn’t suit everyone. Without them we are nothing,” said Colin.


We love watching Colin Slessor at work and bet he could sell ice to Eskimos! He says his real passion is sheep and we wonder what he would make of our silver version.


All the animals at the Mart have been polished and preened to look their absolute best.  It is in everyone’s interest to get the highest price for a beast.  Farming is hard work and it must be a relief to get the price that you deserve. Sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy the beauty of the beasts!