Silver Bull - Height 8.5cm

9387 - Sterling Silver Bull

  • Fine English Sterling Silver.  Clearly hallmarked
  • Hand made to order 1 - 2 weeks delivery
  • 8.5cm in height
  • Best at fair Trophy
  • Taurus Astrology Animal
  • Silver Farming ornament
  • Made in England

This stout and proud Bull is a stunning piece of English silverware. He stands 8.5cm in height and has silver hallmarks stamped on his rump.  He is the ideal size for a silver trophy and sits well on any occasional table or mantelpiece.  This bull makes a wonderful silver gift to pass down through a family and for this reason is often bought as a Wedding Gift or to mark an important birthday.

The bull is the astrological symbol for the star sign Taurus and this fine beast makes the perfect gift for those born between 20th April and 21st May. Taurus was the first of the astrological sign of the zodiac to be established by the Mesopotamians - they knew it as the "Bull of Heaven". Taureans are often described as the anchor of the zodiac, they are honest, reliable and trustworthy - determined to achieve and get things done. They are often thought of as stubborn little bulls but this not necessarily true. It is more that they are not easily shifted from their own point of view. They are steadfast and sure of their own opinions. Taurean bulls are all about honesty so it is best not to lie from the start. You will not be forgiven. They like the finer things in life and work hard to get them.

This gorgeous, sturdy bull is the ideal gift for a Taurean on their 18th or 21st birthday - a gift to be treasured forever. He is most definitely not castrated and thus makes a marvellous gift for the man in your life! 

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