Silver Elephant - Height 15cm


  • Fine English Sterling Silver.  Clearly Hallmarked
  • Hand-crafted to order.  Please allow 2 – 3 weeks delivery
  • Height 15cm.  Length  24cm
  • Silver Elephant Ornament
  • Substantial elephant with trunk down
  • Centre piece for the home or office
  • Made in England

This is our medium sized elephant with his trunk down. He is an Indian elephant with the smaller ears. The elephant is often used as a symbol in Feng Shui practices. An elephant represents protection, good luck and fertility. The elephant with his trunk down is particularly significant for fertility issues for he represents stored and accumulated energy. Two elephants are often seen at the entrance to asian buildings, both temples and businesses for together they give protection - why not try this in your own home.

Indian elephants live in female orientated groups called herd. Male elephants only ever visit. They tend to live solitary lives, occasionally meeting up with other males for a short time. ASian, or Indian elephants live in India, Sri Lanka and as far south and east as Sumatra. They live in grasslands and wet forests and have a totally vegetarian diet.

The elephant is very important in Indian culture and he appears in the form of the diety Ganesh, the diety with the human body and head of the elephant. He is one of the most popular gods of the Hindu religion. Hindus believe that by worshipping the God Ganesh it is possible to remove all obstacles and difficulties that may arise.

These beautiful, sociable Indian elephants are now on the brink of extinction due to heavy poaching. There are many campaigns and charities gathering force and strength to protect this elephant.

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