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About the Silversmiths

polishing silver labrador


All the silver animals at the Silver Basket are hand-crafted with skill and precision by a small team of highly dedicated, time-served silversmiths in the Midlands, England. The silversmiths have been in business since 1973 and have a commitment to producing a range of the finest quality silverware. The traditional skills of silversmithing; metal spinning, buffing, polishing and engraving are all kept ‘in house’ to ensure that the highest quality is maintained at all times.


silversmith workshop


All silver items are produced using Fine Silver and all are hallmarked accordingly. The base of each animal is finished with baise fabric. The talent of these craftsmen is quite astounding. They not only make miniature animals with intricate detailing but deal on a much larger scale making bespoke pieces for the military, replica awards and trophies for a particular racecourse in Dubai.


silversmith fettling

No job is too big or too small and each item, regardless of value or size is given the same level of care and attention.

For more information on bespoke items please contact the Silver Basket on 07725 465 339