British Wildlife

Silver Stag - Height 38cm

stg2 - Silver Stag


  • Fine Sterling Silver.  Clearly hallmarked
  • Hand-crafted to order.  Please allow 2 – 3 weeks delivery
  • Height 38cm.  Length 51cm
  • Fabulous Red Stag for the home and office
  • Luxurious wedding gift
  • Made in England


This fine silver beast is hand-crafted by dedicated, time-served silversmiths in England.  He is fashioned from Fine Sterling Silver and is clearly hallmarked.  This Red Stag stands on a sterling silver base and measures 38cm in height.  He makes a very fine wedding gift for the groom or best man and will take pride of place in any country home.

Male deers can be called stags, harts or bulls and they are distinguishable by the fine antlers. Although they resemble elaborate horns they are velvety in texture whilst being hard enought to battle with. They can be quite ferocious especially in the rutting season when males engage in fierce mating battles, aiming to be the dominant stag and to take control of the female harem. This rutting activity happens in the Autumn, October through to November. The stags are full of testosterone and a free running dog is quite vulnerable in their field of vision. It is always best to keep a dog on the lead.

Our selection of stags are often bought as a celebratory gift for a stag night or party. This is our largest sterling silver stag but we do have a medium sized and a miniature that stands about 5cm in height.