About Us

There is something rather decadent and splendid about a Silver Animal.  They bring life to a spacious, country home, add intrigue and style to a modern city office or apartment and offer a touch of cosiness and familiarity to a little cottage or home.

Silver Swan - Silver Basket

Sterling silver and gold go 'hand in hand' - as the price of gold escalates so does the price of silver.  Each metal has its own merit but for impact, sheen and oppulence there is nothing quite like the appeal of silver, particularly when turned, spun and polished to create magnificent animals.

Silver Animals are available to all, ranging in price from £60 into the £1000's.  Whether large or minature in size, they give tremendous pleasure when offered as a gift.

Each animal is hand-crafted with dedication by time-sered silversmiths in England. They are all made from fine sterling silver and the attention to detail on each creature is quite remarkable.   All animals are hallmarked and all the small and medium sized animals will arrive in a giftbox.

If you require a bespoke silver animal please do get in touch.  We are always happy to hear from you.




SilverBasket is owned by and is a trading name of Bridget Maddison. 

The registered address
5 New Market Street
SK17 6LP

This is the admin office and no goods are kept on the premises.