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Silver Labrador - Height 16.5cm

satinlab - sterling silver Labrador

  • Fine Sterling Silver.  Clearly hallmarked
  • Handmade to order.  Please allow 1 - 2 weeks delivery.
  • Height 16.5cm
  • Satin finish sitting Labrador
  • Luxury gift for dog lover
  • Gun dog range
  • Made in England
If your order is urgent please call the Silver Basket direct on 07725 465 339

This chap is part of a range of Labradors to buy. There is a price and size to suit everyone. This labrador has a satin finish and is handcrafted by English, time-served silversmiths from hallmarked sterling silver. He stands 16.5cm in height and comes complete with gift box.

Until recently it was understood that there were three types of labrador, the black, the chocolate and the yellow labrador but now there is alot of discussion about a fourth - the silver labrador. The discussions can get quite heated, deciding whether the silver labrador is in fact a 'true labrador'.

silver labrador

They differ in that instead of the usual distinctive strong shade of colour the coat has a paler, softer appearance. This is brought about by the dilution in colour of a chocolate labrador - a silver labrador is not to be confused with a 'white' labrador which is the palest version of a yellow labrador. It seems quite confusing. This silver labrador has a grey or metallic appearance. Before 1900's only black labradors were to be had. This was due to selective breeding and culling - only the black labs seemed to be desirable but gradually the yellow and chocolate labradors made an appearance. Silver labs seemed to first make an appreance back in the 1950's and yet it has taken so long for them to be recognised.

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