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Sterling Silver Dachshund - Height 6.5cm



  • Fine sterling silver. Clearly Hallmarked
  • Made in Uk
  • Please allow 1 week delivery
  • Fabulous dachshund
  • 6.5cm height. Length 11cm
  • Gift for dog lover


This little boy is an absolute treasure! He is a sterling silver dachshund measuring 6.5cm in height and 11cm in length. He is beautifully and intricately crafted with the markings of his coat shown in great detail. This dachshund has a high sheen and, also relatively small compared to our other animals, he creates an impressive impact. He has a cute expression and will be a welcome addition to any dog lovers home.

There is no mistaking a Dachshund with their short legs, long back and barrel shaped bodies and despite their unique appearance there are, infact, 6 different varieties.Such is their appearance that they are often called sausage dogs! But do be aware, despite their cute appearance they are quite poweful little dogs with strong muscular bodies and jaws designed to flush out and kill rabbits. Their front paws are excellent for digging.

Dachshunds are playful loyal little dogs but do not be too taken in, they are quite stubborn and difficult to train, having a strong mind of their own. They are also prone to excessive barking and this must be corrected in the early years if you want a peaceful life. They can also suffer from back issues given the lenth of their spine and young pups should be discouraged from jumping onto and off furniture until they are fully developed

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