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Silver Baby Hippo

smhip - Sterling-silver-baby-hippo


  • Fine Sterling Silver. Clearly Hallmarked
  • Baby Hippo
  • 13cm in length x 7.5cm in height
  • weight 506g
  • Mother hippo also avaiable
  • Luxury silver for the home
  • Please allow 1 - 2 weeks delivery


Gorgeous sterling silver baby hippo with much character. He is sold separately but sits very well with the larger mother hippo.  He is clearly hallmarked and is handmade to order by our time-served silversmiths. Hippos, despite resembling pigs are more closely related to whales, dolphins and porpoises. They are rather an ungainly species on land with their short legs and barrel bodies but they can infact run up to 19mph over short distances. In water it is another matter altogether. They are quite graceful in water - rather than swim, their enormous weight and specific gravity results in the hippo walking, submerged, along the bottom of the river bed. The hippo is not a good swimmer and cannot float and so is rarely found in deep water. The name Hippopotamus is Latin with Greek origins. It translates as Horse of the River.

Hippos have become popular in Western culture due to their rotund rather comical shape. Most children will recognise the ballerina Hippopotamus in the Disney film Fantasia and Hungry Hippos is a very popular children's game

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