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Silver Leopard - Height 22.8cm

lprd - Sterling Silver Leopard

  • Fine Sterling Silver.  Clearly hallmarked.
  • Beautifully crafted in England.
  • Hand-crafted to order.  Allow 2 – 3 weeks delivery.
  • Stunning silver Leopard ornament.
  • statement piece.
  • 22.8cm in height.  Length 68.5cm.

This is a fabulous silver leopard ornament statement piece showing British craftsmanship at its very best.  Our silver Leopard ornament is a stunning 68.5cm in length and is finely crafted by hand from fine Sterling Silver.  The animal is clearly hallmarked.  This magnificent wild cat will certainly command pride of place in any home or office.

Leopards weight approximately 59kg and are the smallest of the big cats. (They are grouped together with Lions, Tigers and Jaguars). They are incredibly adaptable, being ablel to swim, run at high speed, climb and they will eat anything from an inscect or reptile through to a grazing animal. They are also happy to scavange as well as hunt.

Although leopards are the smallest of the big cats they are extremely muscular (the males are often 50% bigger than the females) and they can quite easily bring down a small giraffe.

Silver animal ornaments make fabulous gifts that will last for many years and never depreciate in value. 

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