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Silver Pheasant- Height 12cm


  • Silver Pheasant Ornament with fabulous detailing.
  • English Sterling Silver. Clearly Hallmarked.
  • Handcrafted to order.  Please allow 1 week delivery.
  • 12cm in height. 18cm in length.
  • Made in England.

Our pheasant ornaments are  so versatile – they look quite at home in any scenario.  This particular silver pheasant ornament makes a wonderful festive table centre piece surrounded by holly leaves and a pear or two. 

The detailing on the bird is quite remarkable and he catches the light beautifully.  Here, at the Silver Basket, he makes a charming addition to the work desk, reminding us that the Goyt valley in the Peak District is just up the road - easy for a lunch break!

The cock pheasant  does not mate for life, he likes to have a harem of hen pheasants and he does not incubate eggs or rear young. Partridges and grouse on the other hand do pair up.

The cock pheasant spends much of his time in the mating season being aggressive to both and animals and even humans in a desperate attempt to keep his females close.

You can see pheasants all across the UK, apart from the very North of Scotland. They can be seen on open moorland, close to woodland and hedgerows where they tend to take cover.