Silver French Bulldog - Height 9.5cm



  • Sterling silver French Bulldog ornament.
  • Clearly Hallmarked.
  • Popular silver French Bulldog breed.
  • Height 9.5cm. Length 22.5cm.
  • Beautifully engraved.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for manufacture and delivery.


This is a very engaging silver French Bulldog. He certainly makes his presence felt with his very determined hard stare. The markings on his coat and his facial features are clearly defined and he has a good weight for such a small dog. He measures 9.5cm in height and 22.5cm in length.

French Bulldogs are definitely 'people' dogs and should not be kept in kennels. They thrive on a close companionship with their human and like nothing more than squeezing into a chair with you. They have a strong desire to please and so must feel part of the family.

French Bulldogs do not require an awful lot of exercise but do enjoy a good game. This makes them ideal family pets. Be warned, that due to their shape French Bulldogs cannot swim so care must be taken when exercising near deep water.

All of our silver animal ornaments are made in England and are forwarded to you in a blue gift box.

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