Silver Jack Russell - Height 7.6cm

9206 - Sterling Silver Jack Russell

  • Fine Sterling Silver. Clearly hallmarked
  • Hand-crafted. Ready for immediate dispatch
  • Height 7.6 cm.
  • Perfect gift for dog lover
  • Collectible Silver for the home
  • Made in England


This charming  dog makes the perfect gift for any dog lover.  He is a lively character and looks alert and full of mischief. Jack is hand-crafted by time-served silversmiths in England and is clearly hallmarked.  He makes a wonderful addition to any windowsill or mantelpiece and makes an individual silver gift to celebrate a special birthday or 25th silver wedding anniversary


Not all small, white terriers are Jack Russells, they are often confused with the Parson Terrier and the Russell Terrier. The Russell terrier is the smallest in the group, standing at about 10-12 inches in height whilst the Jack Russell is bigger, somewhere between 10-15inches. The Parson Terrier can be anywhere between 12-14 inches at the withers. It is easy to see why they all get grouped under one name but whenever I meet an owner of this breed they all know exactly what dog they have. They are keen to point out that their little dog is a Parson Terrier, or a Russell etc and quite rightly so. It would seem that the Parson Terrier has a longer head and larger chest than the Jack Russell and an overall larger body size. Our featured silver terrier could be classed as either of these three types - due to his miniature size.

I always enjoy meeting a Jack russell when out on a walk, they are highly energetic, fiesty little dogs, curious about all around them. However, dog training classes are advised for a first time owner as they are stubborn and can be a little aggressive.  They do need a lot of exercise and stimulation. They are generally quite healty, sturdy dogs and can live between 13-16 years quite easily.

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