Silver Stag - Height 6.5cm

8130 - Sterling Silver Miniature Stag

  • Fine Sterling Silver.  Clearly Hallmarked
  • 6.5cm in height. Length 5.8cm
  • Christening silver
  • Part of a collection
  • Gift for Best Man
  • With gift box
  • Made in England

In this day and age of ‘buy and throw away’ it is marvellous to be able to give a child a gift that is both delightful and will last.  As an added bonus it is wonderful to give a present that will increase in value as the years pass.  This little animal is part of a range of collectible sterling silver animals made by time-served English silversmiths.  They are all finely detailed and together, make a wonderful display.  Priced between £72 and £105 they make lovely, valuable birthday or Christmas gifts and are quite often bought as Christening presents.  This particular stag has been bought, more often than not, as a gift to be given to the best man or groom at a wedding.

Collections: British Wildlife