Exotic Animals

Silver Elephant - Height 24cm

eleph - Silver Elephant ornament


  • Elephant ornament silver. Clearly Hallmarked.
  • Hand-crafted to order.  Allow 2 weeks delivery.
  • Height 24cm.  Length 33cm.
  • Substantial silver elephant ornament with trunk up.
  • Centre piece for the home or office.
  • Made in England.

For all urgent orders please contact the Silver Basket direct on 07725 465 339.


This substantial and impressive silver elephant ornament is hand-crafted by English silversmiths in Fine Sterling Silver.  He is clearly hallmarked and makes a luxurious silver gift for a special occasion.

Silver elephants make popular choices for housewarming gifts and wedding presents. This is our largest silver elephant. He stands at 28cm in height and has his trunk down.

Elephants, whether their trunks are up or down seem to symbolise luck and fertility.

To dream of one single elephant can mean that you will have luck with future projects. To dream of a group of elephants means that your luck will continue over a longer period,help from others will ensure that your ideas will blossom and come to fruition.

A white elephant in your dreams implies that you will soon find the hidden meaning to something that you have been puzzling over for a while. The solution that comes to you will be the answer to all your problems.

When you find an elephant in your dreams it means that you will find people similar to you who share your dreams and ambitions and who you can rely on.

Killing an elephant in your dreams means that your life is out of kilter so pay attention!

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