Exotic Animals

Silver Chimpanzee - Height 12.5cm


  • English Sterling Silver Chimpanzee. Hallmarked
  • Handmade to order. Allow 1-2 weeks delivery.
  • Height 12.5cm.
  • Cheeky Chimp Ornament.
  • Gift for child or adult.
  • Silver to Collect.

This cute silver Chimpanzee makes a great gift for a child or an adult.  Sometimes it is hard to know what to buy for a child in a growing world of technology but this little chap will be something to keep forever. He will also increase in value as the years go by.  

This silver Chimpanzee is made from English sterling silver and is  crafted by time-served English silversmiths. He is small but compact, measuring 12.5cm in height.  All of our silver animal ornaments are handmade in the UK and will be sent to you in a gift box.

If you fancy a larger ape we have a rather stunning Gorilla. The sterling silver Gorilla measures 25.5cm in height.

Interestingly Chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than they are to Gorillas and they can catch and be infected by human disease. In captivity they can be taught sign language and in the wild they are as affectionate with each other as we are. Loss of habitat by the growing demands of the human population is the biggest threat to these wonderful animals. There are many conservation groups dedicated to preserving these marvellous apes.

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