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Silver Pheasants – Height 11.5cm


  • Fine English Sterling Silver. Clearly hallmarked.
  • Handmade to order.  Please allow 1-2 weeks delivery.
  • Pair of silver pheasants.  11.5cm in height.
  • Fabulous housewarming gift.
  • Wedding or Silver Wedding.
  • Made in England.

We have fallen in love with these silver pheasants here at Silver Basket!  They are so full of character; their faces have an eccentric, rather haughty appearance. 

The pheasants measure 11.5cm in height and thus can easily be placed in the home; whether on a bookcase, mantle piece or side table.  We think they make a marvelous wedding gift as they look like a time-served married couple!

Pheasants are certainly one of the most colourful birds in our British countryside. I am always quite amazed when I see one at the side of the road - the flash of red the eye and the blue collar round the neck of the male. The females are not quite so startling but pretty all the same with their muted brown markings.

They live in wooded areas feeding on berries, nuts, seeds and insects. They do not mate for life, the male will mate with more than one female and has no part in incubating the eggs or bringing up the young. For this reason the male pheasant can be quite aggressive and there is quite a humerous story of a pheasant taking of a postal van, seeing the flash of red as a male threat (the size of a male's red wattle around its neck increases significantly when a male reaches its sexual peak).

In order to be successful a cock pheasant must keep all of his harem of hens close. Aggression is second nature to him. The females seem a little more sensible although neither sex are sensible when it comes to crossing the road.

All our silver animals are handcrafted with care - please allow 1 - 2 weeks delivery time.  This loving couple will be forwarded to you in a blue gift box.