Exotic Animals

Silver Bald Eagle



  • Sterling Silver Eagle figurine. Clearly hallmarked
  • Gold Leaf applied to talons, eyes and beak
  • This item is made to order. Allow 2-3 weeks delivery
  • Made in England
  • Free shipping in the UK 
  • For urgent orders please contact Silver Basket on 07725 465 339

This Silver Bald Eagle figure is simply stunning to look at with his finely sculpted feathers and gold plated talons and beak. He is majestic and proud in stance and commands attention.

Our Silver Bald Eagle has been made especially for our customers in the USA, being the national symbol of the USA since 1782. An American Bald Eagle statue appears on the presidential seal and flag. But of course our American Bald Eagle statue is at home in any office or home around the world.

The intricate craftsmanship on this silver bald eagle is in evidence and all or our silversmiths are time served and trained to a high standard. This is a substantial and heavy Bald Eagle figure, clearly hallmarked.

The bald eagle is not actually bald. He has white feathers on his head. The term bald in old English actually meant white.

All of our silver animal ornaments are handcrafted in the UK.

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